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The Tenpenny Villages Benefice of Alresford, Elmstead and Frating with Thorrington

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 Registered Charity No. 299309

The Friends of Elmstead Church

Most of us enjoy the simple beauty and peace of our lovely church of St Anne & St Laurence which has been a part of village life at Elmstead since medieval times. Whilst the main parts of the church were built in between the 12th and 14th century, some of the materials used in its construction date back to Norman and Roman times and not surprisingly, parts of the building as well as the interior furnishings require a bit of tender loving care!  The Church is a beautiful Grade 1 Listed Building and as the materials required to repair the church are so expensive, there is an ongoing need to raise money to keep the church safe and sound for the future, used as it is for Christenings, marriages and funerals, as well as being a focal point of many other village activities.

Many of us lead very busy lives and we often don't get to church as often as we'd like to, but there is a very good way of helping your church and your community and this is by joining the Friends of Elmstead Church.

Be like the Knight who helped protect our Church

One illustrious individual, Sir Thomas De Weston, was thought to have been a “Friend” and a full sized oak effigy of this 14th century knight can be seen within the church - so in a way he is still a very solid supporter!  Come and see him.

What do the Friends of Elmstead Church do?  The charity was set up in 1987 to raise money to help the Parish keep the church well maintained for future generations.  

What are the funds used for?

Contributing towards the cost of re-surfacing and decoration of failing interior wall plaster.

Chancel roof repairs

The re-roofing of the Meeting Room extension

A new water treatment system

The renovation of the heating system

The renovation of the organ

Provision of some of the chandeliers

Our Events

We run a number of events throughout the year to raise money for our projects. Why not come along to take part or, better still if you wish, help run them! These events have something for everyone and are a great way of meeting people and having fun, at the same time as really making a difference in your community.

Churn Wood opening in May – an ancient private wood opened annually for The Friends at bluebell time.

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Art Exhibition - held annually over two days in June when usually more than 20 local artists exhibit as many as 100 paintings & drawings, all of which are for sale at very reasonable prices. Lunches, teas and cakes a-plenty!

Other Events - we're always open to ideas and have previously held musical evenings, organised the village fun cricket match in collaboration with Elmstead Cricket Club, arranged Garden Safaris and even clay pigeon shoots.

For details of how to exhibit artwork at the exhibition, please click here

The Committee

Rev Andrew Fordyce - Rector

Peter Cobbold                                                                            

Brenda Meridew – PCC member and Membership Secretary

Andy Downton - Churchwarden and Treasurer                  

Val Skinner

Charles Gooch - Chairman                                                     

Morag Hellen – PCC member and Trustee      

Barrie Meridew - PCC member, Secretary and Trustee