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The Tenpenny Villages Benefice of Alresford, Elmstead and Frating with Thorrington

Q: I'm divorced.  Can I get married in church?

A: The church believes that marriage is for life but it also recognises that sadly, some marriages do fail.  Depending on the circumstances it may be possible for a divorcee to marry again in church.  The Rector will discuss this with you.

Q: I'm Church of England and he's a Catholic.  Does that matter?

A: People of all denominations have the right to be married in their parish church (provided they haven't been married before)

Q: What about marriage preparation?

A: All couples getting married in any of our churches will be invited to ‘Marriage in Mind’ in Alresford which is an informal way to get all the couples getting married  that year together to think more about what marriage means.  It is normally held in February and you will automatically be sent an invitation once you have booked your wedding.

Q: Can we get married up at the St Peter’s ruin?

A: Unfortunately the answer is no. It is illegal to marry in a building that is not licensed for weddings and the ruin cannot now be licensed (although it was, of course, used for weddings for centuries!) because there is no roof.  You can instead legally marry at St Andrew’s and go up to the ruin for photographs and to have a prayer of blessing there or you can legally marry at a registry office and then hold a full wedding blessing ceremony at the ruin.

Q: How do I book my wedding?

A: Speak to our Rector, Rev Andrew Fordyce, on 01206 920848 or e-mail below.


Weddings in the Tenpenny Villages churches

Frequently asked questions!

Q: What do Christians believe about marriage?

A: Christians believe that marriage is a gift from God.  In the marriage ceremony a couple make a public declaration of lifelong commitment to love each other, come what may.

Q: Can I get married in St Andrew’s, St Anne and St Laurence or St Mary Magdalen Church?

A: Anyone who lives in the parish of Alresford may be married in St Andrew’s Church, in the parish of Elmstead at St Anne & St Laurence or the parishes of Thorrington and Frating at St Mary Magdalen.  The new Marriage Measure (October 2008) now allows those with a qualifying connection with the parish to get married here also.  Speak to the Rector to see if you qualify.